Resco Tools company designs and produces a complete woodworking range of tools:

● Head with united and changeable bit;
● Head with shaped, changeableand grinders bit;
● Planning Head;
● Special Head for CNC pantograph;
● Brase welded cutters in hard metal;
● Group of Head programmed for windows.

Resco Tools Srl design, produce and distributes in the World, woodworking tools, mostly in hard metal, with special, changeable, grinders and profiled knives. The equip men's, formed in past, designs and realize important solution that are very technique and practice for the employment of high tech wood working tools. The tools mentioned above are studied for high velocity and allow very important feed processing and realize excellent finishing.

From Resco Technologies born innovative tools "Quick Fix" with fast lockout and auto position for global working centre of last generation. The new idea of "Quick Fix" replacing the traditional tools ensuring rapidity, simplicity and precision in Knives replacing on machine boards. Also as per auto position and geometry of these tools is possible to have a big savings on maintenance coast. "Quick Fix" with cutting corners that are more aggressive and permit to obtain super finishing and long time to use "lapped" Knives, maintaining constant profile. Resco Technologies produce tools in according to European normative EN847-1-2 that are submitted to very tough quality control for winning working. Resco Tools produces various series of programmed tools to realize window and door in wood material called: "Alaska", "Globo" and "Polo", with wood thickness's from 58mm to 160mm.
The Resco standard product construction, capacity in ultra production, the stock in spare parts and in raw material, thirty years of experience and high professional quality of work team, all this permit a very rapid assistance and service to the client all around the world.

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